It’s a seller’s market! If you’re considering selling your home now is the time to do it! Here are five reasons to sell your home now!

Supply and demand.

The present real estate market has a lot of buyers but few sellers. Take advantage of the high demand and low supply! You’ll be able to sell your home and the competition between buyers will get you a better price for your home!

New inventory is coming.

While there’s low supply now, that may change soon. Developers are working on building, and fast! Construction projections of single family homes are expected to reach all- time highs by 2017. Sell now for a profitable sale!

Faster processing time.

It takes time for banks to process all the paperwork to close a housing deal. Beat the springtime rush and sell now! Buyers are approved more quickly during the winter months.

Moving up.

If you’re looking to sell, chances are you’re going to have to buy a new home. As the buyer market becomes more competitive prices are going to increase. If you’re looking to buy a more expensive home, now is the time to sell so you can buy the home of your dreams!

Decision to sell.

Think about why you decided to sell in the first place? To grow into a large home? To be closer to family? What’s keeping you back? Don’t let a house keep you from living the life you want. Sell sooner to live your life!

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