When searching for your dream home, it’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for. This dream home checklist will help you keep sight of exactly what you’re looking for!


Think about what features you’re looking for and make a wish list! Consider what you want. A view of the mountains, a secluded home, a neighborhood with homeowners association amenities. Once you make your list rank each item in order of importance. Keep in mind that your family might have different wants and needs so a few compromises may have to be made.


Consider the type of neighborhood that you’d like to live in. Your home is part of a larger community. Make sure you like the environment you’ll be living in and that it meets all your wants and needs.


What type of home would you prefer to live in? A condo? Single-family home? Townhouse? It’s important to know exactly what type of space you’re looking for. It’s also important to choose your ideal style! Do you prefer a more traditional or modern style? Victorian or hacienda? This is your dream home, make sure you’re comfortable with the style!


Unless you’re planning on completely renovating your new home, consider the layout of the home. Do you prefer an open floor plan or large bedrooms? Think about the square footage and how it suits your needs.

Future potential

No matter how far and wide you search, you’re likely not going to find a home that meets every one of your dream home requirements. When looking for your dream home, think about how many future projects will be needed. It’s okay to build and grow into your dream home!


Don’t lose sight of your most important requirements in your dream home, but keep in mind that you’re not in this alone. Think about your family and their needs too! Some compromises will have to be made. Be flexible!

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